12 - 14 November, 2017
Wigwam Resort - Phoenix, Arizona

A Q&A with ServiceMaster’s Susan Hunsberger

A Q&A with ServiceMaster’s Susan Hunsberger

Prior to speaking at November's Chief Human Resources Officer Exchange, Susan shares her thoughts on HR’s digital transformation, HR in 2020, appification, and the digital process in this exclusive Q&A.

What are your thoughts on the current state of HR’s digital transformation?

SH: A new era of digital HR is driving more targeted and customized engagement with employees and candidates. HR is on the forefront of this digital evolution and is partnering with marketing, IT, Data Science and public relations to drive innovation and transform the employee experience. This will require all leaders to think of employees and candidates as consumers and brand ambassadors. We'll need our HR processes to deliver an experience that reflects the experience we want our consumers to have when they do business with us.

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Where do you envision performance management in 2020?

SH: I envision performance management as a tool that is embraced by business leaders to achieve results and is utilized not only once a year but as part of an ongoing feedback mechanism to develop employees and managers. This will require a combination of the right system and the right ingredients to make performance management a successful business tool. Performance management should be real time, simple and effective. There are currently some solutions that are moving toward this direction however, HR and business leaders need to remain vigilant and keep up with this trend. It will take a mind shift around the way we think about performance management and the way we design and deliver it in the future.

Where do you envision this transformation in 2020?

SH: By 2020, HR, Technology and Marketing disciplines will be combined to drive innovation in the candidate and employee experience. Use of technology and Big Data will transform talent management and allow employers to mine databases more effectively to find the talent that will be successful given our purpose and goals. Communications also will be more integrated and include various touch points and platforms. Connections will be two way and fluid.

What is ‘appification’ and what are its organizational benefits?

SH: The ability to put convenient, real-time solutions and easy access points into the hands of employees and candidates is critical. HR apps of the future must be compelling and draw in the end users. Navigation must be easy and support should be immediate. Today, every major business and various consumer needs are attached to an app in some way. To optimize messaging, engagement, and access for connecting with employees and candidates – the HR function needs to be a part of the ever-evolving apps platform.

From an HR perspective, what is the most important part of the utilization of digital processes?

SH: Simplification and ease of use drive adoption and foster a sense of control for employees and potential candidates. HR has to appreciate that people today want to engage with companies, including looking at employment opportunities, on their own terms. They want convenient access when they want it and how they want it. This also applies to training, learning and development platforms for applicants and employees who want to learn via easy, convenient and mobile channels.

What aspects of the Chief Human Resources Officer Exchange are you most looking forward to?

Join Susan on day 2 for her session:Digital HR: Reimagining HR in a Digital World to Enhance Service Delivery and Employee Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology

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