Chris Cutter


Chris' career-long passion has been to create effective behavior change ventures that scale fast enough to curb the preventable health epidemics of our age. Chris sets the strategy and vision for LifeDojo, while ensuring every element of the product combines the power of behavior science, entertainment and technology. Previous to LifeDojo, Chris led a Federally-supported Promise Neighborhood in New York City, which brought federal, state and private dollars together to deliver evidence-based behavior change programs to large, high-risk populations. He received his M.S. from Washington University in Saint Louis.

5:50 PM The Five Pillars of Effective, Grassroots Employee Wellbeing

High Enrolment, Sustained Engagement, and Long-term healthy behavior change. Every employer dreams of achieving the trifecta of outcomes that lead to the elusive Value of Investment (VOI) of improved employee morale, performance and healthcare costs. However, less than 5% of employers report having a wellness program that achieves what it was designed to do. Join this thought-provoking discussion with veteran Population Health expert Chris Cutter to separate the pervasive myths vs. evidence-based facts of effective workplace wellbeing.