Daniel Doucette

Founding Principal & Managing Director
Daniel Doucette is an organizational design consultant, leadership coach, and founding principal of BraveShift, advocating a human-centered management mindset that whole people are the key to thriving workplaces. Daniel founded BraveShift after 25 years in the international development sector, including 10 years as a global CFO and COO. The workplace patterns he experienced as a follower, leader and coach revealed the promise of greater performance by going deeper into team engagement than conventional management methods allow. Daniel applies his 4 Gutsy Stances method to his own work as well as clients’: Be Human. Be Purposeful. Be Lighthearted. Be Resilient.

5:40 PM Courageous Conversations: How to Create Thriving Workplaces in the Age of Mistrust

“We are living in an age of backlash against authority.” So says the Harvard Business Review, citing the Edelman Trust Survey, which found that for the first time in 17 years, public trust in all sectors fell: government, business, NGOs, and media.  Hardly surprising, really, in this era of “fake news”, political upheaval and social discord. These changing power dynamics reach into every workplace to slowly erode cohesion. Our response is so often to focus on inter-generational misunderstanding and meeting the demands of Millennials, but the real problem goes deeper. We are all losing trust in each other.

So how do we transform this threat to morale and collaboration into a driver of growth and innovation?

We can, of course, flatten out hierarchies, buy morale with flashy new technology and flatter young staff members with oversized titles.  And we can assess, measure and consult until decision-making grinds to a halt.

Or we can talk to our teams.  Show up with them.  Hold conversations with them.  Hold Courageous Conversations. Not once at an off-site retreat, but regularly. Maybe even every day. In this Brainweave session, BraveShift partners Daniel Doucette and Jillian Reilly will talk you through the art of Courageous Conversations. In it you’ll learn: 

  • Why the 21st century workplace requires consistent authentic engagement in order to thrive. 
  • How to begin to instil the discipline of conversation in your teams, and
  • The four key Courageous Conversations that every workplace must hold in order to unlock shared potential and invigorate shared purpose