Glen Goodman

VP HR & Global Talent
Sabre Corporation

Glen Goodman is the VP, Talent at Sabre based in Dallas, TX and he is also founder and CEO of the Human Capital Consulting firm, Talent Matters.  Glen and his teams have been responsible for enabling growing organizations to attract, hire, develop, manage and retain top talent.  He has a reputation as a results-driven and strategic partner who challenges existing ideas and pursues innovative solutions to business issues.   He has worked for several recognized global companies including Novartis, Centex and Blockbuster in HR leadership roles leading complex people-related initiatives and business transformations.  Glen remains active and vocal in the human capital community helping organizations achieve their business objectives through their talent strategies.  In addition, his firm is currently working on several innovative technology solutions to help companies and individuals manage their careers.  Glen is a graduate of Florida State University and lives in Dallas, TX with his two sons, Zach and Ethan.

6:20 PM Innovating Succession Planning Strategies to Identify and Prepare Next-Gen Leadership

Next-gen leaders in the new work environment must be prepared to take on entirely new roles that often were not forecast through traditional pipeline planning, even a couple of years back. As a result of an ever-accelerating pace of change in the workplace, leaders must now be prepared to manage a more dispersed and diverse global workforce, collaborative networks of teams, and leverage big data to make key business decisions. 

Diversifying your succession planning strategies will help mitigate the risk associated with unprepared leaders, and help you identify and prepare a talent portfolio with key capabilities throughout the organization; talent which linear pipeline planning would have missed. Join this panel to hear how top-notch organizations are preparing next-gen successors. Topics will include:

  • Strategically sourcing candidates that will bring competitive advantage; including internal hiring
  • How to ensure executive hires have the right culture and peer fit with the way their team works
  • Redesigning compensation packages to motivate and retain leaders based on performance
  • Fostering an adaptive mind-set and enabling exposure to different projects within the organization
  • Flexibly planning and designing non-traditional succession planning outcomes around the key talent you have rather than the perceived talent you need