Jim Arnold Founder & CEO
Fin Health
Jim Arnold is the founder and CEO of finHealth.  finHealth’s primary mission is to “Simplify & Control Healthcare Costs” for large self-insured plans and their employees.  It is a lofty goal, but not dissimilar from Jim’s initial ambitions when he launched APEX Analytix back in 1988.  Over twenty-five years, Jim was able to grow a one-man operation into a $40 million+ global company that currently serves over 200 Fortune 500 clients with audit services and data analytics software.  
While there are similarities to APEX in using technology to ensure payment integrity, finHealth operates in an even more challenging arena due to complex eligibility requirements, stringent healthcare regulations, arcane medical coding rules and a large pool of specialized medical knowledge/jargon.  finHealth delivers powerful data analytics to reduce costs and promote healthy outcomes for your employees.  This is achieved through a combination of industry “best practices”, benchmarking, cost transparency, and proprietary algorithms.  Jim is certified as a CPA, CMA, and CFE.

Day 1

16:55 PM MasterClass B: Optimizing Employer-Based Healthcare Costs: Five Questions You Should Be Asking

With healthcare costs rising at 6% per year (projected through 2023) and employees shouldering an increasing portion of these costs, how do we make healthcare affordable for our employees?  Healthcare costs are sensitive, highly complex, and per Medicare, have a published error rate of 12.1% based on the latest fiscal 2015 audits.  Join this interactive session to discuss emerging best practices with your peers as to how to keep healthcare costs in check and drive improved health outcomes for your employees and their families.

  • What are the key metrics we employ to ensure our healthcare dollars are being deployed effectively and efficiently?
  • How is our organization ensuring that our third party administrator is paying our medical bills accurately, only for eligible employees, spouses & dependents, and at rates at or below market value?
  • Do we perform periodic “self-audits” of our claim payments to assure our stakeholders that our healthcare dollars are being wisely spent?
  • Are we harnessing data from prior medical claims, annual health assessments, and fitness