Lynette Silva

Senior Recognition Strategist, Globoforce

Lynette Silva is a Senior Recognition Strategist for Globoforce and a researcher in the WorkHuman Research Institute. She is passionate about creating more human work environments by helping millions of employees feel noticed, valued and appreciated for what they do and who they are. She provides organizations with the supporting industry trends and best practices often needed to consider the many aspects of what it means to make work more human, validate their social recognition strategy and approach, and achieve success.

6:25 PM Using Social Recognition to Drive Positive Employee Experiences

To be successful, organizations need to provide positive experiences that inspire employees to do the best work of their lives. A positive employee experience is best defined as an impactful and powerful – and ultimately human – experience, where employees become able, over time, to invest more of their entire selves into the workplace. 
In this session led by Globoforce, attendees will learn how social recognition leverages the power of people to build human workplaces where employees feel recognized for their hard work, perform meaningful work and bring pure positive energy into their workplaces