Matt Herzberg Principal
Senn Delaney
Matt Herzberg is a principal at culture-shaping firm Senn Delaney, a Heidrick & Struggles company. Matt has extensive experience working with senior leadership teams to transform companies into healthy, thriving, high-performance organizations. A former client of Senn Delaney himself, Matt enthusiastically joined the firm in order to work with senior leadership teams to address what he believes is the critical organization issue facing companies today − creating great work cultures. His extensive executive-level experience leading human resources in multiple industries allows Matt to quickly identify critical issues, develop systematic action plans and assess progress toward shaping high-performance cultures. Prior to joining Senn Delaney, Matt spent his career as a member of top organizational teams in companies working to meet the challenges of competitive and constantly changing business environments. This included being a key member of numerous, multi-billion dollar acquisitions and integrations and initial public offerings in several industries. Matt began his career at Ameren as a human resource and organization development professional. Following the completion and integration of a major acquisition, he was recruited to design and launch the corporate university for GenAmerica, the holding company for Gen¬eral American Life Insurance, and several other insurance and financial services companies. Matt was returned to Ameren to lead the talent management, diversity and cultural-shaping efforts following several additional acquisitions. He then joined Express Scripts, Inc. to lead leadership development and talent management initatives. Eventually, Matt led the entire human resource function for the corporation. Most recently, Matt served as senior vice president of human resources and the chief human resource officer at SunEdison (formerly MEMC). In that role, he helped that organization shift its culture to meet the challenges of an intense global marketplace with rapidly changing regulatory environments, shifting technology platforms and constantly emerging and changing competition. SunEdison's CEO described the culture shift as the most important event in the company's history, which allowed the company to not only survive but to thrive.

Day 1

14:15 PM Ignite Challenge

Challenge: Shaping High-Performance Cultures: The Cricial Role of HR
Presented by: Matt Herzberg, Principal, Senn Delaney

A recent survey of Fortune 500 CEOs places culture as a Top 3 strategic initiative in the C-suite.  Leading HR executive understand that high performance organizational cultures do not happen by default.  Rather, high-performance cultures are designed, and the HR function plays a critical role in leading this transformation.  These HR teams work with senior management directly to define and shape high performance cultures.   That is cultures which are aligned to business strategy and drive business results. 
Join us in this session to:
  • Appreciate the power of culture and its impact on executing business strategy
  • Recognize critical cultural barriers and how they form
  • Identify key leverage points and considerations in building high performance cultures and overcoming the barriers
  • Explore the CHRO’s critical role in creating high-performance cultures

Challenge: Acquiring the Right Talent Effectively and Keeping Them
Presented by: Larry Kihlstadius, Solutions Czar, KinetixHR

According to Josh Bersin of Deloitte, 65% of global leaders cite “talent and leadership shortages” as their number one business challenge.
This year marked a tipping point, as Enterprise organizations are now starting to expand their social media reach to acquire the right talent, right now. Forward thinking organizations are learning to build and leverage their Employer Value Proposition and position the EVP and content curated to be distributed to the world of talent. This is the present and the future of building talent communities to solve this important business challenge.
This Ignite session will:
  • Explain how to build an Employee Value proposition and why the CHRO not the CMO must own it.
  • Give the roadmap to leveraging the EVP in all aspects of recruitment marketing.
  • Discuss how to reimagine your career site.
  • Share the secrets to social media recruiting.
  • Give the Top Ten List in building a talent community.
  • Share how to keep the Talent once you have them!

18:55 PM Taking the Lead on Culture Management to Drive Employee Engagement and Boost Business Performance

Culture is generally defined as the values, beliefs, and behaviors that shape how real work gets done within an organization. Multiple studies show how enterprise culture has a direct impact on people’s behaviour, performance and productivity, innovation and customer service. Leadership behavior shapes culture, employee engagement and retention, which impacts customer service. When managed well, culture can drive business execution and ensure consistency across global enterprises. HR is in a privileged position to take the lead as a champion and communicator of culture across the organization.

This Panel Discussion will explore how organizations overcame challenges and failures when managing and re-shaping their culture, and moved to action, leveraging key cultural tenets and facilitating a “cultural evolution” that determined success during times of change such as mergers, acquisitions, new product launches and more:
  • Researching and measuring culture effectively to identify barriers and addressing best strategies
  • Revisiting implicit and explicit reward systems to create better employee experience and align expectations
  • Re-envisioning performance management to produce high-level engagement and boost productivity
  • Investing and building a culture of constant learning