13 - 15 November, 2016

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What makes the CHRO Exchange so exceptional?

Is it the themes, sessions, and venue? While all of those aspects are vitally important to making the CHRO Exchange a can’t miss event for senior-level HR leaders, it’s the people behind the event that make our Exchanges worthwhile.

Confirmed Attendees

Who might you meet at CHRO Exchange? Find out by getting the confirmed attendees roster. 

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The State of Human Resources: An Industry Report

In the pages of this report, we will take a look at the current state of the industry as well as the priorities for the coming year for functions of HR including Talent Management, Learning and Development and HR overall.

New! CHRO Exchange Post-Event Report

The CHRO Exchange post-event report features top areas of investment, attendee lists, video interviews, photos and much more! 

CHRO Exchange 2015 Post-Event Report

The CHRO Exchange post-event report includes interviews, photos, videos, attendee lists, budgets, investment priorities and more!

Top Featured

NEW! Focus on the C-Suite: 2017 Priorities of CHROs

These are the results of a survey given to senior-level HR executives from some of the world’s most recognizable organizations.

2015 CHRO Survey Results

IQPC Exchange surveyed 49 senior level executives to determine the investment areas of greatest interest for 2015-2016.The titles of respondents include:  Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Chief People Officer, and SVP/VP of Human Resources.


NEW! How Have CHROs' Priorities Changed Since 2015?

It is amazing the difference that a year can make. With the end of 2016 a few short months away, sights have been set on the arrival of 2017. As end-of-year reporting and reflection begins to take place,organizational leaders are looking towards their new priorities and areas of focus for the coming work year.


New! A Q&A with ServiceMaster’s Susan Hunsberger

Prior to speaking at November's Chief Human Resources Officer Exchange, Susan shares her thoughts on HR’s digital transformation, HR in 2020, appification, and the digital process in this exclusive Q&A.

New! The Continued Relevance of Performance Management: A Q&A with Levent Arabaci, CHRO, Hitachi

There have been countless articles speculating that aspects of performance management are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Hitachi’s CHRO, Levent Arabaci does not fully agree with this sentiment. In this Q&A, Levent gives his thoughts on why performance management will continue to be necessary for continued organizational success. He also weighs in on workforce culture and measuring HR’s contributions during business growth.

Employment Regulations: Navigating NLRB policies An Interview with Ron Peppe, Vice President of Legal & Human Resources, Canam Steel Corporation

In this interview, Ron discusses recent aggressive targeting by the NLRB, how new policies affect employee/employer bonds, and the most confusing policies for HR executives.

Excelling with Multigenerational Workforces: A Q&A with Gregg Tate, Global SVP HR of Adidas.

In this Q&A Gregg discusses perceived generational differences, tactics to engage, fostering a diverse global workforce, what sets Adidas apart and his priorities for 2016.

Managing Multigenerational Workforces: A Q&A with Mary George Opperman Vice President for HR and Safety Services of Cornell University

In this Q&A, Mary discusses the challenges of multigenerational workforces, performance motivators, future leadership roles, Millennial engagement, and her top priorities for 2016.

A candid conversation with Don Kraft, Executive Vice President Human Resources, ICON Plc.

In this interview, IQPC Exchange’s Online Content Manager, Kristen Schipfer, has an open and frank discussion with Don Kraft about employee engagement, company loyalty from a Millennial’s perspective, HR’s role in companies and how ICON’s HR is getting things done.

The Diversity and Inclusion Program Problem

It seems that every human resources department across the nation is abuzz with a need to include diversity and inclusion programs into hiring practices. Are there problems with these programs and are these programs really beneficial to the companies that implement them? Lee Cheng, Chief Legal Officer and SVP of Corporate Development at Newegg, discusses these programs with IQPC Exchange’s Kristen Schipfer-Barrett and weighs in on the challenges of these programs from both a legal and organizational perspective. He also discusses viable solutions, the benefits of diversity and inclusion, and his 2016-2017 priorities.


Attendees Discuss the CHRO Exchange

Attendees discuss the recent CHRO Exchange

Rebuilding Leadership Development from Scratch: An Interview with Hooters CHRO Terri Hoskins

In this video interview, Hooters CHRO Terri Hoskins discusses evaluating culture and values, lessons learned from building a leadership development program and upcoming initiatives

Aligning Human Capital Strategy with a High Growth Business Model

In this video interview, Combined Insurance SVP of Human Resources Barbara Halverson discusses aligning human capital strategy with a high growth business model.

New NLRB Requirements: What Non-Union Employers Need to Know to Avoid a Lawsuit

In this video interview, Canam Steel Corporation Vice President of Legal & Human Resources Ron Peppe discusses the new NLRB Labor Issues rules, which apply to even non-unionized employers.

New Leadership Requirements: An Interview with Ken Finneran, Chief People Officer - Americas, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Ken Finneran, Chief People Officer - Americas, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics discusses new leadership requirements in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.

Optimizing Training: An Interview with Pei Wei Asian Diner's Gina Marcoff

Gina Marcoff, VP of Training & Development at Pei Wei Asian Diner, discusses optimizing training.

Transforming Human Resources: An Interview with Scott Kelly, Hitachi Data Systems .

Scott Kelly, Chief Human Resources Officer at Hitachi Data Systems, discusses cultural challenges for a global corporation, new HR initiatives for 2015, adapting to continuous change and finding the right skills in the right people. 

Shaping Company Culture: An Interview with Skip Spriggs, TIAA-CREF

In this video interview, Skip Spriggs, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at TIAA-CREF, discusses key success factors for effectively shaping company culture.

Get College Credit For What You Already Know: Create a Learning Portfolio!

Learn how three adult learners leveraged their experiences to earn college credit for what they already knew through prior learning assessment.