Michael Pratt

Director Strategic Partnership Development
Orange Tree Screening
Michael Pratt has been in the background screening industry for almost 10 years and was recruited by Orange Tree to solidify and strengthen their partnership strategy. This intentionally-designed partnership program offers an exceptional partner experience that includes training on Orange Tree products and services, access to technology and compliance resources and connections to clients interested in streamlining their hiring processes. Orange Tree recognizes that these successful partnerships translate to positive outcomes for our clients including an overall improved candidate experience, timeliness of hiring and financial impact to their bottom line through lean process efficiencies.

5:10 PM Engaging the Talent Market with Technology

Did you know: 43% of Americans check their phone within 5 minutes of waking up or the average adult checks their phone 47 times per day and that 35% of adults say they check their texts first? 

Enhancing your technology approach to the talent market is a growing priority for organizations today. Being responsive to how the talent market responds is essential to maintain brand recognition, candidate engagement and employee retention. Implementing technology that is informative, engaging, and responsive to applicants will provide sustainability and increased interest in your organization and allows you to be a leader in acquiring top talent.