Gabe Clevenger

Senior Director of Client Relations
Gabriel focuses on strategic growth and client relations with corporate partners. Prior to joining CAEL, Gabriel spent over 12 years in higher education, primarily focusing on adult learning and workforce development. Most recently, Gabriel developed and led the corporate, association and government partnership team at Excelsior College as the National Director of Strategic Alliances. Gabriel received his Bachelors in Business from Bryant & Stratton College and his MBA from Sage Graduate School of Management in Albany, New York. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate at Northeastern University, where his proposed area of research will focus on identifying correlations between competency based education programs and employee performance in the workplace.

2:25 PM Think Tank: Visible Pathways – Give Employees a Path to a Career Growth and the Tools to Get There

The growing complexity of today’s workplace has transformed career paths as we once knew them. Once often linear, the breadth of new education and career opportunities available to employees has added twists and turns to modern trajectories. These realities, coupled with the influx of younger employees seeking transparent career development opportunities, has cultivated an environment that demands dynamic career pathing solutions. Advances in career pathing technologies and software services have responded to the demand and becoming a critical part of discourse in almost every organization.

Solid career pathways augment recruiting, retention, career development, workforce readiness, internal training, employee engagement and help make the most effective use of tuition dollars. The reality is, “if you build it, they will come”… and they will stay. So, are you ready?