Marcia Mueller

VP, Global Leadership Development

With a diverse background in Operations Leadership and HR Management, Marcie Mueller, Board Certified Coach, guides clients to take a practical, project management approach in developing personal strategic plans for career development. Marcie has supported clients at all levels of organizations, from senior leaders to production staff, in various industries including, manufacturing, telecommunications, information technology, insurance, hospitality, and financial services.  

Marcie is a skilled facilitator and instructional designer experienced in leading online and onsite training to aid Fortune 500 business leaders in effectively implementing organizational changes. She is recognized for her interactive and collaborative facilitation style and her ability to communicate effectively with leaders at all levels of the organization.

10:40 AM Building a Diverse Succession Pipeline; Accelerating Women’s Careers at Veolia

You have exceptional women in your ranks who are eager to leave their mark on your company. What barriers stand in their way? What can your company do to overcome them?

Today, women face both enormous career challenges and limitless opportunities. Yet, statistics show despite comprising more than 50% of total workforce, less than 19% of women have broken the glass ceiling to be seated among senior leadership. And, many organizations report increased difficulty in attracting, engaging and retaining female talent. 

Research illustrates that having women in leadership correlates with better overall business performance (significant increases in ROI, return on sales and invested capital). Women bring different experiences, perspectives and competencies to leadership roles. And, providing targeted leadership programs for women is not just a diversity initiative -- it is a business imperative.  

In this session, Marcia Mueller, Vice President, Global Leadership Development at IMPACT Group will discuss how Veolia North America implemented IMPACT Group’s Women in Leadership model to develop a robust and diverse talent pipeline - achieving higher levels of engagement, promotion, and retention among women. Marcia will share what roadblocks stand in women’s way and what leading organizations are doing to build a diverse talent pipeline at all levels. You'll discover the career accelerators you can apply today to transform the face of leadership tomorrow.