Lax Sebenius

Lax Sebenius LLC is a leading negotiation strategy and capability-building firm.  We draw on our cutting-edge research and teaching at the Harvard Business School, a well as decades of practical experience from investment and merchant bankers, corporate advisors and diplomats, both negotiating as principals and advising on complex transactions in the corporate, financial, and diplomatic realms.  This systematic approach enables us to integrate knowledge of finance, corporate strategy, government and organizational behavior. We have three related areas of practice. 

Advisory Services.  We work with clients to develop and implement strategies to optimize their negotiation results, whether starting new relationships, acquiring or divesting businesses, assisting governmental players with sweeping change initiatives, restructuring existing relationships, selling and purchasing, exiting relationships or resolving disputes.  We work with a range of private sector entities (Fortune 50 to smaller companies), governmental cabinet ministries and agencies in diplomatic negotiations, and large non-governmental organizations.

Training.  We provide engaging, interactive negotiation training that is based on our 3-D Negotiation™ method, which we believe is the most sophisticated negotiation approach available.  We provide analysis and prescriptive guidelines for: 1-D (at-the-table tactics), 2-D (on the drawing board moves to design optimal deals) and 3-D (away-from-the-table strategies to set and reset the negotiating table).

Organizational Capability-Building.  We work with clients to refine their organizational processes to dramatically improve their negotiation results – both externally as well as internally. We do this by distilling their negotiation best practices, creating black-belt negotiation champions, and creating highly customized caselets and follow-up/application steps. This leads client employees to adopt changes, and reach their desired economic and non-economic outcomes. 

We strengthen a client’s ability to develop robust negotiation strategies, execute effectively and learn from their (and outside companies’) best practices and experience. Our efforts focus on improving a client’s ability to:

  • Negotiate and close large or complex sales
  • Handle the squeeze between consolidating suppliers and rising raw materials prices
  • Negotiate mergers and acquisitions
  • Handle business development and licensing negotiations
  • Purchase goods and services
  • Negotiate exploration and development deals
  • Negotiate private equity deals
  • Negotiate joint ventures, alliances and other partnering arrangements
  • Negotiate with professional service firm clients on fees, scope, relationship improvement, problem management
  • Negotiate internally to implement projects
  • Develop a strategy for getting design approval for large infrastructure projects, construct the project in a relatively uninterrupted way, and operate it without roadblocks
  • Negotiate information technology contracts