Koru Logo updated 10/27/18

Koru predicts the performance fit of applicants before you hire them by using data and predictive signals most indicative of success in today’s innovation economy — grit, teamwork, curiosity, rigor, teamwork, impact, and polish. Here is how Koru Predictive Hiring finds the right people to propel your company’s growth:

1) Develop a custom predictive hiring fingerprint that delivers a clear data-informed picture of the factors that define quality of hire for your company. 

2) Each applicant is given the opportunity to show themselves as more than a resume through a brief, engaging online pre-interview, and employers can now measure what matters most. 

3) The Koru Dashboard stack ranks your talent pool by fit quality score, and allows recruiters and hiring managers to quickly view, filter, and interview applicants for relevant job competencies.  

Koru’s customers have seen 30-60% increases in high performing hires using Koru, with associated ROI in the millions per year.

Based in Seattle, WA, Koru is founded by veteran entrepreneurs Kristen Hamilton, co-founder at Onvia and former COO at World Learning, and Josh Jarrett, former head of Higher Education Innovation for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & consultant with McKinsey & Company. Koru has raised $15 million in funding from First Round Capital, Maveron, Battery Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, City Light Capital, Trilogy Equity Partners, and QueensBridge Venture Partners.

Website: http://www.joinkoru.com