Jason Putnam

SVP Sales

At BountyJobs, as the Senior Vice President of Sales, Jason Putnam oversees the acquisition of our most trusted assets – our customers and partners. A veteran sales leader in the recruitment space, he has experience at managing sales teams at many other software and services organizations.

He is adept at designing and implementing the correct sales and marketing engine for any organization by focusing on the people, product and processes. Jason possesses keen leadership skills and is an expert on team dynamics and he demonstrated measurable success with online and SaaS solutions with both transactional and enterprise sales.

5:30 PM Managing the Previously Unmanaged – The Data Driven Third-Party Talent Acquisition Approach

Technology advances, new hiring strategies, and now, impending labor shortages all add to existing business challenges.  As competition becomes even more fierce in battling for the right candidates, most of us find ourselves stretching resources to their limits. Data-driven decision making to decipher strategic business decisions is a must. The ability to optimize processes with precision for Talent Acquisition organizations supporting the business is critical. But rarely do we accomplish this successfully across all talent acquisition channels. Despite the notable price tag and its significance in beating the competition, in one such channel, third-party recruiting, ROI and efficacy indicators often go unmanaged. This session will focus on steps today’s leaders can take to eliminate such blind spots.