November 11 - 13, 2018
The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ

Jaspreet Randhawa

Founder and CEO

1:30 PM Roundtable Discussions: Choose Your Topic

A: From Customer Experience to Employee Experience: Designing for Moments That Matter   
Employees’ expectations of their experiences at work are evolving. Similar to their customer experiences, they want an overall employee experience that fits more seamlessly into their lives. In the past, organizations have focused on their own priorities as an employer, but that pendulum has swung. Organizations should start with the employee lifecycle, and identify moments that matter; where the employee and employer needs are most aligned. A design thinking approach can be used to engage employees in the process of identifying and designing a best fit solution.  In this roundtable, we will lead participants through a discussion that explores what employee experience (EX) is and how it relates to employee engagement along with tips to approaching, assessing and improving the employee experience. 
Liz Woods, Senior Director, HR Research & Advisory Services, McLean & Company  

B: Beyond  the Hype: How Blockchain for HR and Recruitment Might Just Be the Next Game Changer 
In this roundtable we will start with a clear definition of blockchain and hear how it can be applied to HR processes focused on recruitment and talent management. Attendees will learn how to navigate the complexities of this new application and review the cost savings and productivity benefits.
Jaspreet Randhawa, Founder & CEO,  resourceverified

C: The Missing Link in Strategic Leadership: Developing the Next Generation 
Thinking beyond the next move, asking higher level questions, critical thinking, communication, and leadership presence are highly sought after traits by high-performing organizations. Yet there is a material gap between need and competence in strategic leadership. Change is inevitable and not easy; exemplary executives know this and that strategic leadership is difficult to teach. The long-term strategic opportunity lies with middle management being the champion and protagonist of change. Yet, how should strategic opportunity be leveraged? Join this roundtable discussion to hear the latest research on how to close the gap between need and competence in strategic leadership, as well as share case studies on organizational transformative learning that results in higher performance for initiatives and KPIs, increased employee engagement, enhanced problem-solving and improved life and work balance.
Peter Myers, Senior Vice President, DDJ Myers  

D: Adaptive Learning: Mass Personalization at Scale with AI Technology 
Transform learning into a true competitive advantage with adaptive technology and artificial intelligence. Learn how behavioral and performance data can be used to optimize every single moment in a learning experience, allowing firms to deliver the most efficient, effective, and engaging training possible. Bite-sized pieces of content, while valuable in their own right, can become exponentially more powerful when combined into a fluid ecosystem that is backed and synchronized by data. In this session, explore how AI personalizes each learner’s pursuit of mastery and, in the process, unlocks performance for every employee individually as well as the entire organization.
Geoff Broderick, VP, Learning Science Platforms, McGraw-Hill Education 

E: Navigating a Shifting Landscape: The Framework for Great Hiring  
Today, there are two conflicting forces - people need companies less than ever. On the other side, companies need people more than ever. Bridging the gap between business and recruiting is no longer optional. So what do you do about it? In this conversation, we'll explore how HR and non-HR business leaders are navigating this shifting talent landscape and winning the competition for talent. Together we'll discuss the framework for what great hiring looks like today.
Kelly Jacoutot, Sales Leader, Greenhouse Software  

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