November 11 - 13, 2018

Kathleen Weslock

Kathleen Weslock

Chief People Officer
Frontier Communications

Kathleen Weslock is an experienced global HR executive with a career background that has involved extensive collaboration with executive leadership as a trusted advisor in achieving current and future business goals. With broad global HR and legal acumen, she provides an expanded viewpoint to manage large-scale business change and transformation. Kathleen offers a deep background in law, M&A, CEO succession and organizational restructuring.

With more than 20 years of progressive leadership experience, Kathleen has consistently excelled in her roles, saving millions through strategic global restructuring, benefit and compensation planning and a keen sense for business modeling. She is a recognized leading expert in global HR and her consistency in judgment has earned her a reputation as a proactive, progressive and innovative leader.

Kathleen began her career in HR with GTE, now Verizon, in multiple roles leading up to Manager of Labor Relations. In leadership roles with GTE she led the strategic direction of labor negotiations and additionally served in a global role, overseeing HR in the Far East and Latin America where she led global succession planning.

Joining Mercer Human Resources Consulting as Principal of International Practice, she guided F500 companies through global mergers and acquisitions. She soon joined Covance as SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer where she supported 10,000 employees.

Recruited to Shearman and Sterling in 2001 as the first Director of Global Human Resources, she led multiple HR initiatives integrating diverse functions, recruiting senior leadership and providing expertise in expatriate management and tax effective global remuneration strategies.

Recruited again in 2006 to Deloitte as the Director of Human Resources, Financial Advisory Services, she was challenged to reduce turnover and lead recruitment. She developed an in-house recruiting team saving more than $3M and reduced turnover from 22% to less than 10% during competitive economic times.

Joining SunGuard Data Systems in 2007 as the SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer & Internal Communications, she was recruited to transform the HR division from an administrative to a strategic orientation. She was successful in the HR transformation as well as saving more than $80M in various initiatives. Kathleen was instrumental in the recruitment and on-boarding of the new CEO and President as well as led the transformation of the senior leadership team to revitalize a legacy executive team.

In 2012, she was recruited to Cisco Systems where she was the CHRO. She led large-scale business transformation across 65 countries with a heavy focus on talent, leadership, culture and organization. She was the catalyst for winning the 2014 "Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders" award by Human Resources Executive for her commitment to next generation education.

Most recently, Kathleen has been with Frontier Communications for the past two years as the EVP, Chief People and Transformation Officer.   She was responsible for all people matters as the company doubled in size, growing from a $5 to $10 billion corporation.  She most currently architected a new transformative and customer-focused organizational structure, designed to improve the customer experience, streamline processes and reduce costs.  Her restructuring enabled the corporation to save over $100 million in costs on an annual basis.  She oversees all aspects of human resources and is currently working on innovative health care and work processes improvement initiatives with the IBEW/CWA international unions. 

Kathleen holds both a JD from Pace University School of Law, a Masters from Cornell University and a Bachelors from Hood College. She is extremely active in a multitude of professional Boards and organizations, is heavily recruited to serve as key note speaker on the advancement of career development and has been awarded some of the top recognitions in the industry.