1-Page is a HR technology company revolutionizing the way companies source, hire and engage talent. The 1-Page Source platform allows large enterprises to discover, qualify and connect with highly sought after candidates via its growing database of over one billion up-to-date professional profiles.

The CEO and co-founder of 1-Page, Joanna Weidenmiller, is a gifted athlete, ex FBI, and a strong supporter of women in technology.

1-Page gained widespread attention last year when it became the first Silicon Valley company to list on the Australian Stock Exchange, with its shares surging 70% on the first day of trading. The stock has since gone up over 1200% with the company’s valuation now exceeding $400 million.

1-Page was inspired by Joanna’s father (and co-founder) Patrick Riley’s best-selling book The One-Page Proposal. The book provides job seekers with the knowledge to pitch a one-page job proposal to an employer, and to be evaluated on what they can do, as opposed to being judged on their previous accomplishments, experience, age or gender.

1-Page is the largest recruiting platform in the world, almost four times the size of LinkedIn, with 1.2 billion professionals globally.

1-Page has a number of Fortune 100 and 500 companies as clients using its SaaS platforms, specializing in large enterprises with more than 1,000 employees.