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BraveShift is an organizational design and leadership firm on a mission to create thriving 21st century workplaces filled with whole people. BraveShift recognizes that managers and staff today are looking for a deeper sense of connection and calling in their workplace.  Our “4 Gutsy Stances” model challenges clients to experience greater innovation, productivity, and resilience by making brave paradigm shifts in their mindset and behavior.  We dare clients to consider how to get the most from the Human Beings (not human assets or capital) at their work by embracing the wisdom of habitual reflection, the healing capacity of courageous conversations, and the creative power of heart-felt storytelling.

Whether we’re hired by a client with the charge of boosting engagement, shaping culture, strengthening leadership, or fostering collaboration and creativity, we return to these same four questions:

  • How do we understand what makes for a healthy organization?
  • How do we create a feeling of shared purpose?
  • How do we motivate each other to strive toward common goals?
  • How do we design means to facilitate collective effort?

Our expertise is derived from decades working for social development and human rights in communities around the world, where we were responsible for multi-million dollar programs aiming at improving thousands of lives.  We have translated our hard-won lessons borne out of leading organizations in high-stakes, volatile, multi-stakeholder environments into a methodology for organizational effectiveness that applies to both the public and private sectors. Because, we are all human beings at work.