Perceptyx has been leading a revolution in the employee survey industry. We provide a state-of-the-art, highly engaging organizational survey platform tailored to your unique needs and it’s all in real-time! Our innovative technology provides industry-leading HR analytics and highly flexible reporting tools that allow leaders to use organizational survey data to make data-based HR decisions and get targeted guidance to drive higher levels of organizational performance and employee engagement, at both the team and enterprise level.
Compared with traditional survey tools and processes that take weeks or even months to compile and report, we provide the survey team with real-time access to analytics and reports immediately after the survey is launched. Once the survey is closed, the survey results can be delivered instantaneously, in any language, across the entire organization. Each manager receives customized tools, recommendations, and a structured process to help them work effectively with their team to improve performance and engagement.
Faster turnaround of results means faster feedback to managers and employees. We are passionate about creating conversations that inspire people, improve effectiveness, and build greater success!

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