Terri Hoskins CHRO
Terri is a global Human Resources (HR) executive with over 25 years of experience in Fortune 500 businesses focusing on Organization Development, Learning and Leadership Development, Change Management and core HR work. Terri has led teams both domestically and internationally for previous organizations like Cytec Industries, Hess Corporation and Outback Steakhouse while working in a variety of industries including Finance and Banking, Retail, Energy, Hospitality and Services, Manufacturing, and Medical.
Terri earned a Masters of Science in Human Resources/Industrial Relations from West Virginia University and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in Accounting and Marketing from Shepherd University.

Day 1

15:50 PM Rebuilding Leadership Development from Scratch: Values and Culture at an Iconic American Brand

After thirty years in business Hooters began an introspective re-evaluation of its culture and values both internally and externally eighteen months ago to rediscover who they were and what their values are, and how those intangibles were represented in the brand. This was important both for guests and fellow employees.
This journey necessarily involved many moving parts that inevitably coalesced around leadership development from the management level up. After providing a brief foundational understanding of the current context at Hooters, Terri will lead a deep dive conversation around what you would do differently if you had the opportunity to rebuild your leadership development from the ground up after decades of being in business at your company. You will have a blank slate:
  • What are the necessary ingredients?
  • What new business goals must be achieved in the next 5-10 years which LD will enable?
  • What are best practices?
  • What mistakes have you learned from the past?
  • What would prevent you from rebuilding LD from the ground up today?