12 - 14 November, 2017
Wigwam Resort - Phoenix, Arizona

What makes the CHRO Exchange so exceptional?

What makes the CHRO Exchange so exceptional? 

Is it the themes, sessions, and venue? While all of those aspects are vitally important to making the CHRO Exchange a can’t miss event for senior-level HR leaders, it’s the people behind the event that make our Exchanges worthwhile.

Our Exchange production team spends countless hours researching, planning and developing innovative content to bring you the best event imaginable. 

CHRO Exchange’s event director, Maisa Roberts explains what makes this event so special and what she enjoys most about it.

How would you explain the overall theme of the November edition of CHRO Exchange?

I feel that HR has been undergoing intense transformation within the past few years. This evolution is a collective reflection of the war for talent, low unemployment rates, and the evolving nature of employee relationships.  Additionally, digital transformation is changing the way companies do business - and what their clients have come to expect, which is impacting the way employees work and perform. As the “guardian” of an organization’s most valuable asset – its people – HR needs to get a few things right in order to effectively contribute to the business agenda. Leading HR organizations are accelerating the pace of transformation. HR is accomplishing this by taking the lead in providing the organization with all the back-end systems, reinventing processes, leveraging HR analytics to make smart workforce decisions, and promoting an attractive employee culture. These aspects are necessary to thrive in a highly competitive global market. Hence, our theme “Accelerating HR Transformation: Developing Key Talent and Leadership, Reshaping Organizational Culture, and Integrating Digital Technology to Drive Innovation and Boost Enterprise Results within a Competitive Global Talent Economy”. After extensive research, I can confidently say the theme deeply resonates with CHROs’ top areas of priority.

What do you feel are the ‘hottest’ sessions for this edition? 

This is a tough one! Each session format and its respective topic has a very important place in the agenda. Each has been carefully planned and tailored in collaboration with our fantastic speaker lineup. These speakers represent some of the top companies in the US and globally. Hot topics that are gaining really great traction include:

HR transformation
Aligning HR processes with business strategy
Workplace culture
Employer branding
Digital HR
Increasing influence with the board 
HR analytics 
Employee engagement

These topics resonate with attendees because they are part of HR’s core day-to-day agenda. I think the CHRO executive roundtables will also be fantastic because it’s a great opportunity for a deep-dive conversation on trending topics. 

What are the biggest benefits of attending CHRO Exchange?

The CHRO Exchange is an unparalleled opportunity for HR leaders to be immersed in a very elegant and exclusive setting with true peers from game-changer companies. CHROs love this unique format because they can speak openly about their strategic challenges, best practices, lessons-learned, and even coach each other during the many networking opportunities that we offer. It’s a very high-level discussion that goes on at the Exchange. The agenda is carefully tailored to address CHROs’ top priorities through speakers that have the expertise to address challenges and high-level industry experts who can assist them in their often challenging journey of transformation and alignment with the business. It’s thought-leadership at its best!

What are you most looking forward to about CHRO Exchange?

Being onsite is a great experience in itself!  I really enjoy the high-energy dynamics of our Exchanges. I personally get the chance to meet and hear from CHROs who have such a wealth of experience and business acumen. From these interactions, I can progress my research on trending topics, get feedback, and take note of what kind of questions they are asking. As a conference producer, I work on the event for 6-7 months and we end up developing a sense of ownership on the project.  It’s very rewarding to see the Exchange successfully come to fruition and to get to see speakers and attendees having such a fantastic experience. I feel I get to make a small difference in their professional lives by facilitating that kind of high-level discussion that is painstakingly tailored to their top concerns and challenges. I am really looking forward to it.

Meet Maisa and your peers at CHRO Exchange November 13-15,2016. Download the agenda now.