Mary Tilley Head of HR
W.L. Gore & Associates
Mary Tilley joined Gore in 1982. She leads the company’s global human resources team and is a member of the Enterprise Leadership Team, which guides Gore’s strategic direction and is responsible for the overall health and growth of the company. 

Mary earned her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and her MBA from the University of Delaware. During her 30-plus years with Gore, Mary has contributed to and gained experiences across a number of businesses and functional teams. Before transitioning into her current commitments, Mary held roles in Gore’s industrial and medical product divisions and core technology, including process and new product development engineering, product management and engineering and operations leadership.
In her current roles, Mary has initiated and driven broad organizational efforts related to operational excellence, engineering functional excellence, people and culture initiatives and Enterprise strategy development.  

Mary is also a member of the governing body of Evanta HR, a global HR leadership organization. In this role, she works with a community of chief human resource officers to drive change and push human resources to new levels of impactful leadership. In addition, Mary provides consultation and partnership to numerous organizations seeking insights on engaging workplace practices. And as a member of the Corporate Executive Board, Mary has partnered to author case studies in leadership development and performance measurement that are widely used in webinar and seminars offered by the CEB.   

Mary is married, has a daughter and grandson and lives in New Garden, PA with her husband.  Mary loves the outdoors and although does a variety of activities would rate cycling as her favorite. 

Day 1

18:55 PM Taking the Lead on Culture Management to Drive Employee Engagement and Boost Business Performance

Culture is generally defined as the values, beliefs, and behaviors that shape how real work gets done within an organization. Multiple studies show how enterprise culture has a direct impact on people’s behaviour, performance and productivity, innovation and customer service. Leadership behavior shapes culture, employee engagement and retention, which impacts customer service. When managed well, culture can drive business execution and ensure consistency across global enterprises. HR is in a privileged position to take the lead as a champion and communicator of culture across the organization.

This Panel Discussion will explore how organizations overcame challenges and failures when managing and re-shaping their culture, and moved to action, leveraging key cultural tenets and facilitating a “cultural evolution” that determined success during times of change such as mergers, acquisitions, new product launches and more:
  • Researching and measuring culture effectively to identify barriers and addressing best strategies
  • Revisiting implicit and explicit reward systems to create better employee experience and align expectations
  • Re-envisioning performance management to produce high-level engagement and boost productivity
  • Investing and building a culture of constant learning