Day 1: Sunday, November 12th

10:30 AM - 11:15 AM Registration

11:15 AM - 11:30 AM Welcome Orientation

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Networking Lunch

1:00 PM - 1:10 PM Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Opening Keynote

1:10 PM - 1:40 PM Transforming Culture by Delivering On Brand Promise from the Outside In

Michelle DiTondo, CHRO, MGM Resorts International
Study after study have shown that organizations with a strong sense of purpose and a well-defined set of values have a more engaged workforce and outperform their competitors. Additionally, research shows that a company’s values can play a significant role in the purchase decisions of their customers. Although this is all the case, many organizations, are challenged with connecting their cultural values with their brand and vice versa, their brand with their cultural values.

Our Opening Keynote will highlight how MGM Resorts International is transforming its culture by looking from the outside in by starting with the question…how do we want our customers to feel about us. The journey started with the Marketing team and evolved into a close partnership with Human Resources to leverage a unique opportunity to transform the culture to align with the brand promise. The presentation will address the following:
  • Outside in approach to culture transformation
  • Role an organization’s culture plays in establishing its brand
  • MGMs journey
  • Aligning Culture with the Brand Promise
  • Connecting the internal brand with the external brand

Michelle DiTondo

MGM Resorts International

1:45 PM - 2:15 PM Business Meetings

2:20 PM - 2:50 PM Business Meetings

2:50 PM - 3:10 PM Networking Break

Plenary Session

3:10 PM - 3:45 PM What do Employees Really Want? Enhancing Employee Experience to Increase Engagement

Jack Morehouse, President and CBDO, Perceptyx
We have all heard how many “actively disengaged” employees there are in the workforce. Despite years of companies trying to drive engagement, the number of disengaged workers hasn’t changed much, if at all. Why is it that most employee engagement programs don’t show results? Employees want to be heard; they want to be valued and they want to make a difference. Employers want – in fact, need – productive, engaged workers. Perhaps there is a different way to think about employee engagement.

In this session we will share a transformational approach to employee engagement that actually works. These simple and effective methods can yield engagement and performance improvements broadly across the organization. Be prepared to learn:
  • The key link between engagement, performance and success (both personal and business)

  • The single most important, and often overlooked element in employee surveys

  • The most common mistakes companies make before, during and after an employee survey and how to avoid them

Jack Morehouse

Jack Morehouse

President and CBDO

Sponsored by: Perceptyx


3:45 PM - 4:00 PM My Challenge to Our Challenges: Social Learning and the Process of Change

Dave MacLeod, CEO, Thoughtexchange

Dave MacLeod

Dave MacLeod


Sponsored by: Thoughtexchange

Plenary Session

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Strategic Workforce Planning: Overcoming the War for Talent and Skill Shortages

Paul Baldassari, CHRO, Flextronics
The pace of change in 21st century organizations poses significant challenges to HR Leaders who strive to secure future talent pipelines. Typically, workforce planning begins with the business strategy and its implications for future talent needs: leaders identify internal pipeline gaps and then determine how to fill them.

In this day and age, however, organizations and roles are changing so rapidly that it’s extremely challenging to accurately forecast talent requirements. Some of the biggest challenges include the hyper-competition for talent, new roles that continue to emerge as technology evolves, and the lack of reliable labor data.

This session will showcase successful solutions for workforce planning, that will help CHROs with:
•Tapping into industry data and labor market trends to anticipate new skills and prepare employees of the future
•Integrating retirement planning, skills development plans, and succession management into the mix
•Raising HR's profile inside the enterprise, enabling HR Leaders to play a strategic role

Paul Baldassari


Sponsored by: BountyJobs

4:35 PM - 5:05 PM Business Meetings

Ignite Sessions: TED-Talk Style Presentations "Engaging the Talent Market with Technology"

5:10 PM - 5:20 PM Engaging the Talent Market with Technology

Dean Gendron, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Orange Tree Screening | Michael Pratt, Director Strategic Partnership Development , Orange Tree Screening
Did you know: 43% of Americans check their phone within 5 minutes of waking up or the average adult checks their phone 47 times per day and that 35% of adults say they check their texts first?

Enhancing your technology approach to the talent market is a growing priority for organizations today. Being responsive to how the talent market responds is essential to maintain brand recognition, candidate engagement and employee retention. Implementing technology that is informative, engaging, and responsive to applicants will provide sustainability and increased interest in your organization and allows you to be a leader in acquiring top talent.
Dean Gendron

Dean Gendron

Director of Strategic Partnerships
Orange Tree Screening |
Michael Pratt

Michael Pratt

Director Strategic Partnership Development
Orange Tree Screening

Sponsored by: Orange Tree Employment Screening

Ignite Sessions: TED-Talk Style Presentations "Fact or Fiction: Millennials and Financial Wellness"

5:20 PM - 5:30 PM Fact or Fiction: Millennials and Financial Wellness

Patrick Pritchard, Director, Sales Operations , Purchasing Power
Oh Millennials. They are the largest generation in today’s workforce. They aren’t like the generations before them. They think about work and life in completely different ways – so it’s suffice to say they are the most complicated generation right now. Many of us are trying to figure them out. What makes them tick at work, what’s their motivation and then what benefits will attract or keep them to a job. But with financial wellness being such a huge topic these days – the need to focus on how millennials view this is high on the list. During this session, let’s engage in a classic game of Fact or Fiction to dive into some interesting insights about Millennials and their financial wellness perspectives.
Patrick Pritchard

Patrick Pritchard

Director, Sales Operations
Purchasing Power

Sponsored by: Purchasing Power

Ignite Sessions: TED-Talk Style Presentations "Managing the Previously Unmanaged"

5:30 PM - 5:40 PM Managing the Previously Unmanaged – The Data Driven Third-Party Talent Acquisition Approach

Jason Putnam, SVP Sales, BountyJobs
Technology advances, new hiring strategies, and now, impending labor shortages all add to existing business challenges. As competition becomes even more fierce in battling for the right candidates, most of us find ourselves stretching resources to their limits. Data-driven decision making to decipher strategic business decisions is a must. The ability to optimize processes with precision for Talent Acquisition organizations supporting the business is critical. But rarely do we accomplish this successfully across all talent acquisition channels. Despite the notable price tag and its significance in beating the competition, in one such channel, third-party recruiting, ROI and efficacy indicators often go unmanaged. This session will focus on steps today’s leaders can take to eliminate such blind spots.

Jason Putnam

SVP Sales

Ignite Sessions: TED-Talk Style Presentations "Thrival: Creating a High-Performing, Resilient Organization"

5:40 PM - 5:50 PM Thrival: Creating a High-Performing, Resilient Organization

Adam Tanner, Co-founder and Product Manager , Waggl Tony Mitchell, Chief Evangelist and Relationship Lead , Waggl
The success or failure of any organization often hinges on one key factor: The ability of its leaders to listen, both externally and internally. When building an organization that can maintain high performance throughout changing business conditions, the two fundamental building blocks are Inclusion and Transparency. Adam Tanner and Tony Mitchell will walk through key indicators of a high-performing culture: Accountability, Trust, Engagement, Agility, Better decision making. Leaders who practice ‘active listening’ across the organization will tap into a wealth of actionable insight that would otherwise be difficult to access. Enabling and encouraging people to communicate inclusively and transparently helps to cultivate a ‘listening culture’ - which in turn provides the organization with authentic feedback to drive or support meaningful change.

Adam Tanner

Co-founder and Product Manager

Tony Mitchell

Chief Evangelist and Relationship Lead

Ignite Sessions: TED-Talk Style Presentations "The Five Pillars of Effective, Grassroots Employee Wellbeing"

5:50 PM - 6:00 PM The Five Pillars of Effective, Grassroots Employee Wellbeing

Chris Cutter, CEO, LifeDojo
High Enrolment, Sustained Engagement, and Long-term healthy behavior change. Every employer dreams of achieving the trifecta of outcomes that lead to the elusive Value of Investment (VOI) of improved employee morale, performance and healthcare costs. However, less than 5% of employers report having a wellness program that achieves what it was designed to do. Join this thought-provoking discussion with veteran Population Health expert Chris Cutter to separate the pervasive myths vs. evidence-based facts of effective workplace wellbeing.
Chris Cutter

Chris Cutter


Sponsored by: Life Dojo

Plenary Session

6:25 PM - 6:55 PM Using Social Recognition to Drive Positive Employee Experiences

Lynette Silva, Senior Recognition Strategist, Globoforce, Globoforce
To be successful, organizations need to provide positive experiences that inspire employees to do the best work of their lives. A positive employee experience is best defined as an impactful and powerful – and ultimately human – experience, where employees become able, over time, to invest more of their entire selves into the workplace.
In this session led by Globoforce, attendees will learn how social recognition leverages the power of people to build human workplaces where employees feel recognized for their hard work, perform meaningful work and bring pure positive energy into their workplaces

Lynette Silva

Lynette Silva

Senior Recognition Strategist, Globoforce

Sponsored by: Globoforce

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Networking Dinner | Entertainment

0:00 AM - 0:00 AM Optional After-Hours Networking